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Cars are usually prone to all kinds of damage if the necessary maintenance is not carried out. The cost of this maintenance is usually very expensive if many times we do not know what happens. The vulnerability to which it constantly finds itself causes certain deteriorations. The protection of paint for cars allows the exposures to be kept in perfect condition.

If you care about the physical appearance of your car and you fear it will happen, we have the solution. We are a team that will guarantee you the best paint protection service in the market. In addition, we offer a guarantee for our products with the best quality and the best price.

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What auto paint protection is?

The first thing you need to know is what is NOT auto paint protection. It's not a paint that urgently needs your car. Nor is it a factory defect that you need to fix. It is not a lack of warranty in the contract of sale of your car.

So, what auto paint protection really is and what it's needed for:

  • Car paint protection is an aid mechanism to maintain the car's paint. Of course, it is not something that in principle is a necessity of your car.
  • This protection helps to prevent any type of damage produced for constant exposure, whether stones, chips, swirl marks, small scratches.

How Auto Paint Protection is Applied?

An evaluation is necessary before the car paint protection application work can be carried out. This preliminary examination consists of knowing what type of car it is and what its specifications are.

Once considering all the information concerning the car, we can work on it. Not all cars have the same type of product, as far as painting is concerned. That is why it is important to prevent any kind of damage before applying the product.

gray car with ceramic car paint protection

Car Preparation

Both the engine of the vehicle and the bonnet must be cold. This requires that the car has had a rest prior to preparation. Why do we do this? The paint, when placed in a hot environment, will make it dry by force. This will result in small cracks that will make you look bad.

Deep cleaning must be done to all the external part of the car to be able to do the work. This prevents any kind of element or residue from affecting the placement of the protective paint. Then proceeds to stick tarps and tapes in places where the protective paint will not be applied.


The application of the car's protective paint begins by applying the first coat using a tool. It is a special tool that helps to spray the paint tenuously. Each spray is done delicately to maintain the uniformity of the paint as it dries.

A second coat is then applied to better seal the protective paint product. Once this part of the process is finished, it should be left to dry in a special environment. This will help the paint to have better consistency, thus the quality of the product.

Now the paint will be kept at room temperature for drying. Each step in this work is extremely delicate to prevent any type of damage. Guaranteeing the safety of our customers and the material of their car.

Guarantee the safety of your car with the best products on the market in the hands of the best mechanics.

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Paint Protection Advantages.

As we mentioned, the application of protective paints for cars goes far beyond vanity. Many people don't think it's necessary because the paint is part of the warranty. However, we totally disagree with them.


Protective Paint is necessary for our car to keep the factory paint secure. In addition, it helps prevent any type of damage to which the car is exposed.

Here is a list of the advantages of protective paint for cars:

  • Stop rock chips
  • Absorbs small scratches
  • Prevent hard water spots
  • Provides long term preservation
  • Keeps car looking newer for longer
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