The outside heat is impossible to tolerate, and you are thinking of window tinting in Charlotte NC. However, the myths surrounding auto glass tinting make you think twice. It makes you wonder if you are doing the right thing. To help you decide, here are some of the most popular myths demystified.

1. Window tinting in charlotte NC is illegal

This is partially true because it’s regulated in some states, and not in others. In short, all types of tints are allowed in some states while other states only permit the use of a few types.

The best way to avoid trouble with the law is to take a look at your area’s state laws. You thus get a better understanding of what is permitted in your state and what isn’t.

The time spent on this research is worth it. It is better than doing something illegal. You only end up with legal officers imposing a fine and have you remove the tinting film you had spent money on.

2. Tinting films tend to bubble and change color after some time

This is entirely false. Any bubbling and discoloring in the film prove that the film is low-quality. It can also mean that it wasn’t professionally installed. The only and best way to avoid ending up with bubbling and discolored tinting is to use high-quality tinting.

For example, metalized films don’t change in their looks and colors and are long-lasting. However, it’s not cheap but is definitely worth the extra money.

3. It is impossible to break tinted windows

Window tinting in Charlotte NC only works at making your car windows and door dark for sun protection and to prevent people from seeing the indoors. However, it does not increase the strength of the windows so that burglars cannot break into it.

In short, the tinting does not affect the glass quality at all. The only difference it does offer is that the glass doesn’t break into dangerous, small pieces if you get involved in an accident.

However, don’t make the mistake of leaving your car in an unsafe place thinking that the tinted windows will enhance its security. While the burglars will not be able to see what is inside, they can still break into your car if they want to.

4. The visibility is reduced through tinted windows

Many people think that as tinting films are dark, it will reduce visibility once installed. They feel that they will not be able to see the outside properly. While it is true that some films are dark and give the car a dark look, others give the benefits of tinting but aren’t so dark.

Yes, you can choose your window tinting film that comes in various shades. Some are dark and are better at providing solar heat prevention. Then there are the lighter shades that are practically invisible.

You have to make the final choice about which type of tinted glass you want for your car. The decision should be done based on your needs, budget and state laws. Remember, the windows needn’t be dark if you don’t want them to be.

5. Window tints are expensive

There is no fixed slab for window tinting in Charlotte NC because its cost is dependent on various factors. This includes the material, where you plan to have it tinted and if you do it on your own or by professionals.

It is cheaper to buy cheap and low-quality tinting materials, and if you do it yourself. However, tinting is something that’s better left to the professionals. It is better paying a bit more for high end, premium tinting materials, and have it professionally done because it lasts longer.

It may be expensive, but the cheaper ones will have to be replaced now and then. The amount of money you eventually spend on the multiple replacements end up to be more than an expensive and professional tinting job. So even if you are on a tight budget, try to look for the best in your budget, and have the tinting done professionally.

Now that these 5 common myths have been demystified, you should be able to make a better decision about window tinting in Charlotte NC. Just keep your budget in mind, and check with your state laws to ensure you don’t do anything illegal.

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